Monday, November 7, 2011

things I love (part 2)

I love my friends.
I have been so blessed to have the friends that I have here in Chicago- so lucky to have met these life-long friends! What a blessing to have such fun, adventurous, loving, supportive, caring, service-oriented, funny, dancin' friends in my life.
I. love. you. all.


Amanda said...

Clearly, my life would be boring without you!!!

Nate, Kelsie, and Luke said...

ABBY!!!!! You're so cute! It looks like you are having fun in Chicago...and with Wes! How funny that your paths crossed again. Tell him hi for us! And you should come visit us. We live in Texas, so it's a little closer to Chicago. :) I miss you! Hope you are doing well. Love ya!